Conference Venue

  • 2022 6th International Conference on Data Mining, Communications and Information Technology (DMCIT 2022)

    Apr. 28-30, 2022/Shanghai, China

    Call for paper Submission

DMCIT 2022 will be held in Shanghai, China!

Venue (Shanghai) Detailed Information:

Metropolo Jinjiang Hotel(Shanghai Wujiaochang)锦江都城酒店(上海五角场店)

Address: Building C, No.345, Guoxia Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

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Participants of DMCIT 2022 could enjoy discounted price. DMCIT 2022 参会者可享受酒店协议价。
Please contact hotel sales if you would like to reserve hotel room. 如需预订酒店住宿,请联系酒店销售。

房间价格:风雅商务房:420元(含单早)/风雅 双床房: 460元(含双早)
King-size Room/RMB 420(breakfast) /Twin Room: 460 RMB(Rbreakfast)
联系方式Contact Method:
联系人Sales:叶经理  Mr. Ye | 电话mobile phone:13641895574


(Hotel Exterior)


The climate type of Shanghai belongs to subtropical monsoon climate, with high temperature and rain in summer, mild and little rain in winter, four distinct seasons, sufficient sunshine and abundant rainfall. The climate is mild and humid, and the annual average temperature is 17.0 ° C. Spring (April May) and autumn (October November) are shorter, winter (December March) and summer (June September) are longer. There are three rainy periods: spring rain, plum rain and autumn rain. Therefore, the flood season in Shanghai is from May to September, and the precipitation reaches about 60% of the whole year. July of each year enters the summer drought weather, which is humid and hot compared with the daily months. The average temperature is 28.7 ° C, with an average of 8.7 days a year, and the maximum temperature exceeds 35 ° C. In recent years, affected by the environment, the temperature has an upward trend. January is the coldest season of the year, with an average temperature of 4.8 ° C. The extreme maximum temperature in Xujiahui (since 1872) is 40.9 ° C (July 21, 2017), and the extreme minimum temperature is - 12.1 ° C (January 19, 1893). At the international exchange station (Statistics began in 1951), the extreme maximum temperature was 39.9 ℃ (August 6 and 8, 2013), and the extreme minimum temperature was - 10.1 ℃ (January 31, 1977). Affected by the cold air of the northern Mongolian Plateau and Siberia, frost will occur. In case of strong cold air and warm and humid airflow, sleet or snowfall will also occur in Shanghai.

Scenic Spot



Bund source

HSBC Building

Jianghaiguan building

18 Bund

Peace Hotel

Wai Bai Du Bridge

Nanjing Road

Nanjing East Road

Nanjing West Road

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum Shanghai


Tian Zifang

Thames Town

Xu Jiahui

Shanghai People's hero memorial tower


Century Avenue

The Oriental Pearl

Jinmao Tower

Shanghai global financial center

Shanghai Center Tower

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

Century Park

riverside promenade

Shanghai Center Tower

Zhengda square

Shanghai Wildlife Park

China Pavilion

Shanghai Disney Resort

Xinchang Town




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