2018 2nd International Conference on Data Mining, Communications and Information Technology (DMCIT 2018)


Dear Researcher and Scholars,


The recent rapid development of information technology, especially the wide spread of internet and wireless communication, has turned the modern society into a big data era. For example, there are over 350 million photos uploaded on Facebook every day; there is also a boom of online retailers such as Amazon and Alibaba, which produce a huge amount of transaction data and user data. However, how to process and mine useful information from the big data becomes a very challenging issue. It is highly demanded to develop new data modeling techniques to model big data, efficient algorithms to process the big data, powerful data analytic methods to analyze the big data, effective visualization tools to visualize the big data, etc.  In addition, how to develop and apply intelligent data mining technologies for smart healthcare will be one of the most important trends in industry.

On the other hand, the emerging of big data research largely owes to the advancement of communication. The internet is becoming faster with wider bandwidth; WIFI is available not only in office and at home but also in malls, bus, train and flight; while the 4G network is becoming dominant in many countries, the study of 5G has already started. Nonetheless, we also face many new challenges with the rapid development of communication technology, for example, information security and privacy. How to make the communication safer in addition to faster is of great concern for users. One potential solution is the integration of artificial intelligence technologies into network, resulting in a smart and secured network of information communication.


This conference aims to provide a platform for researchers and engineers to share their ideas, recent developments and successful practices in data mining, communication and the related topics in information technology. It is expected that with the face to face discussions among peers from different but related areas, new ideas, methodologies and technologies can be produced, and collaborations among researchers in different countries can be facilitated.  


The conference will be last for 3 days with the registration to be held in the first day.  The second day will be a whole day meeting with keynote speech and oral presentation. Invited sessions will be arranged in the morning of the three days and enjoy the Thai’s cultural environment in the afternoon.


I would like to invite you to join us in this important event and share your recent achievement and research finding in data mining, communication and information technologies to our audiences and industrial partners. Besides, it is also a good opportunity for you and your family to enjoy this sunshine paradise, Shanghai in China. I am looking forward to seeing you in DMCIT 2018!


DMCIT 2018 Organizing Committees

June 30, 2017